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Nutlocks meets there funding goal on Kickstarter

Allen YoungComment

Nutlock: A beautifully designed bike lock that protects your bike wheels from getting stolen. ►Has many nut & key variations!◄

"Great design, great product at a great price. Well done Mikey & Amir!" - Dave Weiner, founder of Prioirty Bicycles (their KS is live, too! http://kck.st/1p1wdS7)

“Bike wheel theft is major problem for all cyclists. Nutlock is a breakthrough & beautifully designed, must-have solution! I can’t wait to carry the product on our webstore and in our new Solé retail shop!" - Jonathan S., Co-Founder of Solé Bicycles

"I saw the quality as great and the innovation strong. This product defiantly needs to be in stores, consumers will benefit from it." - Ulises T., Lead Mechanic of H&S Bike Store in Burbank

"As for the Nutlock, sure, why not?" - Bike Snob NYC

“Walking to class I see a new stolen bike wheel or frame all the time. I finally have peace of mind with Nutlock… I’d pay $40 for this any day.”- Alexander Y., Collegiate cyclist & racer

“That bottle opener is the most clutch thing in the world. Life saver. #college” - Ariel N., City commuter& fixie rider

"Bike wheel theft is a serious threat to any bike. Nutlock is a smart and sleek solution” – Johan B., Founder of Free Bike Project

“Putting it on once and having safe wheels forever is a no-brainer. Genius product.” – Johnson H., collegiate racer, Nutlock beta tester

“This is a really innovative product that can protect your investment! Happy to support Nutlock" - Mehdi F., co-founder of State Bicycle Co