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It's the Key holder that lives on your belt.  It takes all the weight off the bottom of your pocket and transfers it to your belt.  It also helps to prevent key budge in your pocket so all your keys lay perfectly flat in your pocket. The quick release function means you have instant access your your keys.  

The attachment pin disappears so when your not using the system you have a very clean and simple pin on your key ring. Since it is connected to your belt it can never fall off like other clip style systems. The quick release mechanism holds tight onto your keys. Both tabs have to be pulled back to release the keys. 

Extra pins are available for extra sets of keys. 

At Tallac House we believe products should do one thing and do it really well. We spend the time to make sure it functions great and last a long time. Get your King Pin today.

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A small stainless pin is attached to a key ring. The main body with spring loaded arms engages with the pin and prevents it from coming out. You pull forward on the two side tabs to release the pin. Both tabs have to be pulled for the pin to be release so your keys are super safe with King Pin.