One Strike Hammer

One Strike Hammer


COMING SOON? Well Maybe!

Allen Young and Micheal Ditillo working on a little side project together, the 1 Strike. The idea was to make a beautiful terrible hammer. This concept is made from machined aluminum with machined brass strike plates (terrible materials for a hammer) with walnut inlays. We propose for the hammer to come in a wall mountable walnut box with a single CNC'd nail.

It is a bit of a poke at "art products" that are visually interesting but don't work. The small semantic difference might be we not only know that but are promoting it! I've got nothing against terrible but desirable products like the Alessi Juicy Salif, we were just having a little fun riffing off that. We've been thinking about doing some faux ethnographic research where we film contractors explaining how bad it is.

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