Tallac Cary Stainless Steel Lip Balm Holder

Tallac Cary Stainless Steel Lip Balm Holder


Introducing Tallac Cary

Tallac Cary is the key chain accessory that you never forget. It lives on your keychain with the weight of a single house key. It holds your lip balm snuggly in place so you can just remove the cap; apply lip balm and your covered. The unique shape protects the lip balm dial wheel from being turned while in your pocket. Made in USA from 303 Stainless Steel. Lightweight but strong.

UPC# 853336000196 ASIN: B078WKRQ6F

  • Holds lip balm snuggly. Does not fall out during use.

  • Fits most major brands of lip balm

  • Stainless steel with brushed finish, includes attachment ring

  • Lightweight, about the same weight as a single house key

  • Made In USA from 303 Stainless Steel


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User Reviews:


I bought the Cary for my fiancee since she always loses her lip balm. This usually means we'd have to buy 3-4 new lip balms every month. She's had the Cary now for 3 months and hasn't lost it since! She gets a lot of compliments on it and comments like "Oh that's genius! I need one of those!"
The product itself is sleek and durable. Since it's constantly rubbing up against keys and other keychains, I was nervous it might get scratched/bent but it's proven to be EXTREMELY durable. Highly recommend to anyone sick of losing their lip balm!


Usually, I get pretty dried out over the winter, but this year was different. Ever since I bought my Tallac Cary Keychain Lip Balm Holder, I ALWAYS have my chapstick ready to save the day. Aside from the convenience it provides, its sleek & simple design enable a smooth user interaction from storage to use. And at the price, it makes a great small gift for my friends and family!

NOTE: Does not include the lip balm shown in the pictures.

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