Behold Flat Tire Cage

Behold Flat Tire Cage


We are putting the Behold production on hold for a bit. If you want one send us a email at we add you the list.

Behold makes it easy to always be prepared to fix a flat. It mounts just like a water bottle cage. 

Many riders love how it mounts to the that third mount on the outer down tube.

Pack a Kargo bag with your tools, CO2 and a tube (up to 29-inch). Snap bag in place and you’re set.

Unlike a clanky seat bag it’s completely out of your way on the frame. Attach any water bottle cage if you like.

Behold gives you 24/7 access to the emergency essentials you know you should always carry.

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A better way to carry your emergency essentials

Behold is the world’s first flat repair kit cage. It lets you carry a simple flat repair kit (tools, CO2 cartridge and spare 700cc or 29er tube) on your bike’s frame. Unlike a seat bag it’s completely out of your way.

Behold mounts on your frame

Behold attaches to your bike’s water bottle cage mounts (braze-ons). The down tube is the preferred location but some riders like to mount it on their seat tube. Touring bikes may have mounts below the down tube that Behold can use.

Need to carry a water bottle? Just attach any water bottle cage (not included).

What’s wrong with seat bags?

Lots of things, at least to us. Using a seat bag was what prompted Allen Young (Tallac’s founder & chief designer) to design the Behold. Allen hated commuting with a seat bag:

Using a saddle bag to carry a small flat repair kit can drive you nuts. Contents rattle with each bump. Straps sometimes come loose. Worse yet is when seat bags rub on the soft inner thigh panels of your riding shorts they’ll wear out quicker. What cyclist likes replacing an expensive pair of lycra cycling shorts?

Meet the Kargo bag

Kargo is a rugged ballistic nylon bag designed solely to carry a flat repair kit. It’s interchangeable with all of our carrying systems. So you can use the Kargo bag that comes with your Behold in our Kargo Water Bottle Cages.

Bags come in two sizes:

  • The Kargo Road Bike Tube Bag fits a 700cc road bike tube and tools.
  • The Kargo Mountain Bike Tube Bag holds a 29-inch (29er) tube and smaller basic tools.

Here’s what fits (snuggly) in a Kargo bag: Please note the Mtn bag may only fit a tube and C02 with fill head.

  • Small mini tool. For Mtn Tool may have issues fitting larger Muilt-tools with 29" Tube.
  • Tire levers
  • 16g CO2 Cartridge with inflator head
  • A spare tube: 700cc tube fits in the 7.5″ Kargo Road Bike Tube Bag
  • A 29-inch (29er) tube fits in the 9″ Kargo Mountain Bike Tube Bag
  • Patch Kit
  • Cash or credit card
  • Car or house key


  • Mounts to your frame—out of your way
    Won’t interfere with muscular legs.
    Doesn’t rub on your riding shorts and wear them out prematurely.
    No more rattles over rough terrain.
  • Attaches using two screws, not velcro straps
    There’s nothing to come loose and rip your riding shorts.
    No ugly wear to the finish of your seat post or frame.
  • Kargo bags don’t spill their guts
    Kargo bags don’t come open on the trail and dump your contents out.
  • Carries only what you need to fix a flat
    No extra bulk, wind drag or weight.
    Bags are sized to hold items snuggly. This helps eliminate rattles.
  • A flexible system (unlike saddle bags)
    Unlike seat bags it’s easy to move Kargo bags between bikes. Kargo bags are also interchangeable. They work in all of our carrying systems. Buying an extra cage lets you use one bag with two bikes. An extra bag can also be useful. For example, use the larger Kargo Mountain bag for long rides and the smaller Kargo Road bag for short hops around town.
  • Behold works with any water bottle cage
    Note: Screws that come with Behold are the right length for King Cage water bottle cages. Your water bottle cage may require different length screws.
  • Low profile button snaps
  • Large zipper pull for gloved hands
  • Keep your gloves on.
  • Kargo bags are easily detached to prevent theft
    Bags fit in your jersey pocket.
  • No logos on our products
    Less environmental waste. With one less ad your bike will look even better.
  • Adds extra space on your bike by taking advantage of the previously unused space under your water bottle cage
    Always knowing where your tools are eliminates potential time wasted digging through your panniers.
  • Our products are made in the USA. Bags come from Orange County, CA and the Behold comes from Chicago. We are happy to meet the needs of a small group of discerning cyclists that demand quality.
  • Enjoy the freedom of riding without a seat bag
    Plus it looks better. As one rider said, “it just looks cool.”

Fit & Installation


Will Behold fit my bike?

If your bike’s frame is small, or if you own a mountain bike with a triangle of tubes at extreme angles, we recommend you print out the Behold Fit Guide. It’s a 1:1 scale version of the Behold you can use to be sure your frame has enough space.

Using Behold with a second water bottle cage

Installing Behold raises your water bottle up slightly from the down tube of your frame. This decreases the clearance space between the two cages. Use the Behold Fit Guide (below) to confirm your frame still has enough space.

Using the Behold Fit Guide to check clearance space

Download and print out the Fit Guide. Follow the instructions to be sure your frame has enough space.

  • Down tube installation (recommended):
    Face your frame with the front tire of your bike to your right (as shown in the photo above).
  • Seat tube installation:
    Face your frame with the front tire on your left.

Download: Behold Fit Guide (PDF - 66 KB)   Fit Guide how to use.

Email if you have any fit questions. We are glad to help.

Where to install Behold

The preferred place to mount a Behold is the top side of the down tube (C) of your bike. The seat tube (D) is the second most common. Some touring bikes allow a third mounting location on the bottom of the down tube (C).

Download image:

  • A = Required clearance space between water bottle cages
  • B = Behold cage height
  • C = Down Tube
  • D = Seat Tube
  • E = Top mounting brackets of Behold cage
    (Note: brackets should be closer to the right end of the Behold cage—this pushes the water bottle cage up and to the right, away from the cage on the seat tube)


Installing Behold

To install Behold, follow the step-by-step installation instructions that come with the Behold cage.

Download: Behold Installation Guide (PDF - 233 KB)

Attaching a water bottle cage to your Behold?

Please note: screws that come with the Behold are the correct length (8mm) for King Cage water bottle cages. You may need to purchase different length screws for your particular water bottle cage, most likely 6mm or 10mm long, but it’s impossible for us to say. Try to use the supplied screws first.


Weights Typical :

Behold with 7.25-inch Kargo Road Bike Tube Bag 5.0 ounces

Behold with 9-inch Kargo Mountain Bike Tube Bag 5.2 ounces

Behold Flat Repair Kit Cage (cage only) 3.8 ounces

7.25-inch Kargo Road Bike Tube Bag (bag only) 1.2 ounces

9-inch Kargo Mountain Bike Tube Bag (bag only) 1.4 ounces

Product weights provided are typical. Bags can vary by few grams.


7.25-inch Kargo Road Bag 19.5 cubic inches (322 cubic centimeters)

9-inch Kargo Mountain Bag 25 cubic inches (408 cubic centimeters)


External dimensions

7.25-inch Kargo Road Bag 7.25″ x 3.25″ x 1.0″ (190mm x 88mm x 25.4mm)*

9-inch Kargo Road Bag 9″ x 3.25″ x 1.0″ (244mm x 88mm x 25.4mm)*

Behold Flat Repair Kit Cage 5.16″ x 3.03″ x 1.61″ (131mm x 77mm x 41mm)*

*Kargo bag filled to capacity.

Behold Flat Repair Kit Cage


Strong, durable 314 stainless steel rod, 314 stainless steel mounting plates. Powered coated Black.

Construction Mig welded stainless steel and sheet. Handmade Chicago

Kargo Bags


USA made, ballistic nylon fabric with water resistant coating. It’s strong, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant and long lasting. The fabric is thick and gives the bag structure. It also makes bags look nicer and slide into the Behold cage easier.

Nylon thread is used for added strength and durability.


An over-sized zipper helps you compress your gear inside the Kargo bag so it fits into the Behold cage snuggly.

Large silent zipper pull (easy to use with gloves).

Stainless button snaps


Back stitching (lock stitching) at all seems is used to prevent unraveling or loosening.

Lock stitched to prevent chaining of broken threads.

Double stitching on zipper tape adds strength and durability.

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  • All our products are covered by a five-year warranty.

We want you to be satisfied

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