Ready Balm


Ready Balm is a tough, versatile, and 100% All-Natural Lip Balm and First Aid Ointment.

The Company was started in 2017 by a Mountaineer and former Law Enforcement Officer.

Many men are avid users of Lip Balm but can’t find a brand that can stand up to the rigors of an active lifestyle. Ready Balm was created primarily as a Lip Balm to form a protective and moisturizing barrier for your lips.

These ingredients, combined with the antimicrobial effects of Tea Tree and Calendula Oil combine to form an excellent First Aid Salve. When applied topically several times daily, Ready Balm will soothe, protect and speed up the healing of all your cuts, scrapes, burns and bites.

Ready Balm stands out against the competition in many ways. We asked Mountaineers, Special Forces Operatives, Police Officers and men around the world what they desire in a lip balm. The answer was simple. They wanted an effective and versatile lip balm that was melt resistant, less greasy, and more moisturizing than any other lip balm on the market. Thus, Ready Balm was born!