Tallac Cary

Tallac Cary


The holding system that started it all. 

Includes Stainless Tallac Cary, split ring

and Clip plus plastic container.

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Introducing Tallac Cary

Tallac Cary is the key chain accessory that you never forget. It lives on your keychain with the weight of a single house key. This unique approach to storage means that the holder is connected to your keychain, but the case can easily slide out. The compact, easy access key chain accessory holds the things you need the most.

Fill it with whatever you need in your life: toothpicks, an AAA battery, vitamins to take at lunchtime, lip balm, pills or whatever you need on life's daily adventure. Tallac Cary’s got you covered.

We’ve also designed a Home Base for a week’s worth of pills. For an additional upgrade we have the Travel, which includes an additional top for the Home Base so you can take it while traveling. The elastic straps keeps it all secure.

Background Story

This is not your Grandma's pill holder

What problem are we trying to solve?

Portable pill containers on the market are either too heavy, too cheap or too much to deal with. [You could also say: and way too complicated.]

What drove me nuts and I found to be frustrating is that you have to unscrew the top every day to get access to your pills and at the end of the day repeat the process to refill them.

Since you can’t see inside most pill holders, you either do not realize that you forgot to refill them or have no idea what you have in there. Plus, if want to swap the pills out, what do you do with the loose pills you just removed?